Your way to Yourself

Mutually supportive community platform to address mental health problems

Who is FeelYou for?

Anyone who needs support

FeelYou is a safe place to talk about any mental health issues anonymously and get support from real people.

Anyone who wants to share support

FeelYou's heart is a supportive community. You can empower others by sharing your experience and road to recovery.

Licensed specialists

Our specialists connect with users in their posts to share expert advice and answer sensitive questions.

There are no taboo topics. Self-harm, harassment, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, addiction, stress, and many others. Whether it's a recent trauma or a drawn-out crisis, our community is here for you.

What makes FeelYou different from other platforms?

We prioritize making help and support readily available and provide accessible therapy tools, community support, and advice from licensed therapists. All in one place. Anytime, anywhere in the world.

Transform your mental health with our self-therapy tools.

Take a look at the different sections of our platform:

Feed: Posts and therapists’ advice

Remeber, You are not alone

Help and support are always available, regardless of the challenges you may face.

Speak out

Tell your story anonymously and get support from the community.

Find similar stories

Read stories that match your concerns and examine other people’s experiences.

Get advice from therapists

Licensed therapists participate in all discussions and share professional recommendations.

Pick topics that interest you

Avoid posts on topics that may seem sensitive for you.

Therapy: Mental health tools

Video courses

Theory lessons and practical exercises prepared by professional therapists.

Daily check

Useful tool to gain a deeper understanding of your emotions and release negative feelings.



Quick calming tools

Fast-acting exercises to calm down your mind and body

Breathing exercises

Easy techniques to help you feel more relaxed

Sound therapy

Peaceful sounds, music, and ASMR for finding your zen

Psychological tests

Screening tests that teach you more about your mood, thinking, and behavior

Daily affirmations

Positive statements that boost your attitude in any situation

Help: Get instant assistance 24/7

This section help you «here and now» when emotions overwhelm and problems seem unsolvable.

There is a way out. We'll carefully guide you to understand your emotions, reduce their negative impact, and find the techniques that work best for you.

Stories: videos from our members

Learn about Mark’s experience, Annie’s struggles, and other encouraging stories.

Be inspired by our users’ stories and how they opened up on their obstacles.


Stories from celebrities

Even those who seem to "have it all" can struggle with their mental well-being.

Take a look at how celebrities overcome their own personal battles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FeelYou right for me?
If you feel sad, lost, or depressed and looking for support from a like-minded community, FeelYou is the perfect place for you. However, if you are in a crisis or life-threatening situation, we strongly recommend calling your local emergency service to get professional help.
Why have you decided to launch FeelYou?
According to the World Health Organization, almost 1 billion people live with a mental health condition, and nearly 95% of individuals who need treatment don't receive it. 
 We launched FeelYou to change these statistics and make help available anytime anywhere in the world. Our team believes that everyone deserves access to support and resources to start feeling better without fear of judgment, shame or discrimination.
Can I stay anonymous? Will my friends be able to recognize me?
We know that you might want to keep your identity hidden from prying eyes. So, we allow you to control what information to share, including your user name and profile picture.
How do you ensure community safety and what happens if someone isn't serious or aggressive?
Our priority is to make sure that the community is safe and comfortable for all participants. Therefore, our moderators constantly check posts and comments and remove offensive content that intends to harm other members or calls for violence.
What are the main community rules?
FeelYou has 5 basic rules: 
 - No personal attacks. It’s completely forbidden to insult, antagonize, invalidate, or criticize someone’s post or comment. We are good to each other and we respect each other. 
 - Don’t act aggressively or suggest illegal activities. Death threats or other acts of violence, sexualizing minors and graphic pedophilia are prohibited. 
 - Don’t recommend precise drugs. It’s ok to talk about medications that helped you, but please do not advise the specific pills or self-medication. Only licensed specialists may prescribe pharmaceutical treatment.
 - No personal or business promotion posts. But you can share links in a relevant reply to a post or comment. 
 - Do not offer money, give money, or request money. 
 If someone breaks one or several of these rules we might permanently ban this user from our community.
Do you have any forbidden topics on FeelYou?
We’re open to any topic that concerns you including bipolar disorder, self-harm, anxiety, major depression, stress, abuse, trauma, and many more. The only rule is to follow our rules (see question №5).